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Secretarial and Administration

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  • Administrator challenges of the 21st century
    • Being a talent
    • The changes in the psychological contract
    • Seeing through obstacles
    • Adaptability and change
    • Gaining credibility
    • Taking the initiative
    • Embracing a positive attitude
    • Customer relation
  • The productivity equation
    • Productivity definition
    • Effectiveness versus efficiency
    • Signs of inefficiencies at your office
    • Simplification of work processes
    • Best practices to be more productive
  • Administrator soft skills
    • Self-leadership
      • Personal SWOT analysis
      • Reactive versus proactive
    • Effective communication:
    • Types of communication
    • Communication barriers
      • Listening skills
      • Time management:
      • Time wasters
      • Setting priorities
    • Solving office problems (and turning them into opportunities)
      • Types of problems
      • Problem solving techniques
    • Working as a Team
  • Technical competencies of the modern administrator
    • Criteria of an administrator
    • Competency explained
    • Core competencies versus technical competencies
    • Administrator’s technical competencies:
      • Task planning
      • Organizing work and meetings
      • Information management
      • Utilization of office technologies
  • Efficient business writing skills
    • Definition of business writing
    • Setting emails, letters and memos in context
    • Applying modern writing techniques
    • Responding to different email/memo scenarios
    • Promoting clarity in writing and avoiding any miscommunication

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