Mastering Project Metrics, KPIs and Dashboards


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Project Management

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  • The driving forces for better project metrics
    • Executive view of project management
    • Traditional versus Non-Traditional Project Management
    •  Moving from “Triple” to “Competing” Project Constraints
    •  Stakeholder relations management
    •  Project scope creep
    • A new look at defining project success
    •  Project health checks
  • Project metrics
    •  Defining metrics
    •  Benefits of using metrics
    •  Understanding project metrics
    •  Metrics requirements
    •  Project metrics categories and types
      •  Business-based for financial metrics
      •  Success-based metrics
      •  Project-based metrics
      •  Project management process metrics
    •  Selecting the right project metrics
    •  Metrics and the Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Project key performance indicators
    • Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • The need and use for project KPIs
    •  Characteristics of KPIs
    • Categories of KPIs
    • Selecting KPIs
    • Measuring KPIs
    • KPIs' interdependencies
    • Targets and failures
    • Most common project KPIs
    • Earned Value Management System (EVMS)
    • Top 25 project management KPIs
  • Managing project metrics and KPIs using MS project
    •  Developing earned value metrics and KPIs
    •  Advanced report formatting
    •  Formatting tables in a report
    •  Formatting charts in a report
    •  Creating a custom report
  • Project dashboards
    • Defining dashboards
    • Benefits of dashboards
    •  Gathering KPI and metric requirements for a dashboard
    • The KPI wheel
    •  Dashboard core attributes
    •  Traffic light dashboards reporting
    •  Rules for dashboards
    •  How to create a dashboard
    • Choosing the correct KPI visualization components
    •  Designing your dashboard
  • Value based project management metrics
    •  Combining success and value
    •  Recognizing the need for project value metrics
    •  Creating project value metrics

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