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  • Business and IT strategy
    • Business strategy
      • What is strategy?
      • Solving the problems of business strategy
      • Leading approaches to creating top level strategy
      • Case study ‘Setting corporate direction’
    • IT strategy
      • A proven process for IT strategy
      • Aligning IT strategy to business priorities
      • Balanced scorecard IT objectives
      • Enterprise architecture in IT strategy
      • Looking for a better way — optimizing IT strategy
      • Strategic plans — plot on a page
      • Communicating strategy
  • Project excellence
    • Advanced project, program and portfolio management
      • Validating project business cases using investment appraisals and sensitivity analysis
      • IT project management wisdom — lessons learned from successful and failed projects
      • Effective project governance and reporting
      • Project portfolio management guidelines
    • The first 90 days
      • Making an impact — the first 90 days
      • Strategic importance and tactical urgency
      • Case study ‘Priorities of the new IT director’
    • Business change leadership
      • The emotional cycle of business change
      • Guidelines for successful change projects
      • IT's unique role in business change management
  • Communicating technology
    • Communication skills
      • The art of communicating technology
      • Presenting IT to non-technical audiences
      • Creating a compelling technology message — IT’s elevator pitch
      • Handling difficult (IT) situations — forum theatre and role play
      • Group debate — What has IT ever done for us?
    • Business relationship management
      • Business relationship scenarios
      • The POSTMAN technique for identifying priority business requirements
      • The advanced use of questioning strategies – opening and closing dialogue
      • Methods of influencing outcomes
  • Operational and crisis management
    • Continual Service Improvement (CSI) models
      • Overview of different frameworks, including ITIL, Six Sigma and Lean IT
      • Techniques of root cause analysis
      • CSI examples and guidelines
    • Crisis leadership
      • Preparing for major (technology) incidents
      • Managing major incidents
      • Leading in crisis — the art of communication
      • Role play ‘Handling difficult situations’ — media simulation
  • Commercial acumen
    • Vendors
      • Making good decisions
      • Avoiding supplier pitfalls
      • Choosing good technology partners
      • Creating a culture of partnership
      • Harnessing vendor innovation
    • Essentials of IT contracts
      • Contract guidelines for successful IT
      • Getting what you want from your legal team
      • Designing contract flexibility
      • Managing IT contract portfolios
    • IT negotiation strategy
      • Creating a negotiation strategy
      • Rational supporting arguments
      • Agreeing final positions and BATNA
      • Negotiating as a team
      • Delivering better negotiated outcomes
      • Negotiation role plays and case studies

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