HR Skills for Non HR Professionals


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Human Resources and Training

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  • Getting the right people
    • What HR is about?
    • Ally with HR department
    • The HR functions of managers
    • Workforce planning
    •  Attracting the right talent through referrals
    • Interviewing skills for line managers
    • Building a job profile
    • Preparing technical assessments
    • First day on the job
    • Role and responsibility of the new employee’s manager during the first few days
    • Employee morale and turnover
  • Performance management
    • Definition of performance management
    • Overview of the annual performance cycle
    • Mistakes in performance management
    • Employee assessment best practices
    •  Coaching, counseling, and mentoring
  • Training and development
    • Identifying training needs
    • Career development
    • Succession planning
    • Building a personal development plan
    • On the job training
    • Evaluating training effectiveness

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