Hazardous Waste Management


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Safety and Environment Secretarial and Administration

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  • Understanding Hazard and Risk
    • Potential Pollution Linkages
    • Concepts in sustainable waste management
    • Key pollutants and their impact and management
    • Hazardous wastes and their potential for harm
    • Types of hazardous wastes, including the management and control of healthcare wastes, wastes from oil and gas industries, and industrial effluents
  • Hazardous waste collection and operations
    • Definition of hazardous waste
    • How to classify waste
    • Recordkeeping requirements
    • Waste container selection
    • Safety and health program for hazardous waste operations
    • Site characterization and analysis
    • Site control
  • Engineering controls
    • Engineering controls
      • Engineering controls, work practices and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
      • PPE selection
      • PPE program
  • Handling drums and containers
    • Opening drums and containers
    • Material handling equipment
    • Radioactive wastes
    • Shock sensitive wastes
    • Laboratory waste packs
    • Sampling of drum and container contents
    • Shipping and transport
    • Tank and vault procedures
  • Emergency response to hazardous substance release
    • Emergency response plan
    • Elements of an emergency response plan
    • Procedures for handling emergency response
    • Skilled support personnel
    • Specialist employees
    • Training
      • First responder awareness level
      • First responder operations level
      • Hazardous materials technician
      • Hazardous materials specialist
      • On scene incident commander
      • Trainers
      • Refresher training
      • Medical surveillance and consultation
    • Chemical protective clothing
    • Post emergency response operations
  • Hazardous Waste Management Options
    • Hazardous waste reduction: techniques, opportunities and sustainability considerations
    • Options for hazardous waste recycling and re-use
    • Treatment of hazardous wastes, including acid-base neutralisation, solidification and stabilisation
    • Incineration of hazardous wastes: technology and management controls
    • Landfill of hazardous wastes: Engineering and environment controls

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