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  • ​HR reports
    • Listing reports with custom views
    • Preparing reports using pivot tables
    • Consolidation of data
  • Cells and name ranges
    • Creating name ranges for data
    • Using name ranges for values calculations
    • Creating names from selection command
    • Creating a 3-D formula
    • Updating name ranges
    • Editing name ranges
  • HR data formatting
    • Formatting numbers
    • Formatting dates
    • Conditional formatting
    • Avoiding duplication of employee records
    • Data bars for performance appraisal
    • Icon sets for job level
    • Color scale for employees grades
    • Greater or less than for earnings
    • Based on a formula
    • Setting warnings on residency expiry date
  • Data calculations
    • Date and time functions for attendance
    • Working days
    • Years of service
  • Lookup functions
    • Vlookup and hlookup
    • Approximate and exact match
    • Index and match functions
  • Leave records and calculations
    • Is the employee eligible for leave or bonus? If function
    • Accrued leave
    • Leave taken records
    • Leave balance
  • End of service calculations
    • Compute gratuity
    • Compute cashable leave

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