Establishing and Managing the Project Management Office (PMO)


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Project Management

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  • The strategic PMO
    • Key roles of the PMO
    • Benefits of the PMO
    • The link between strategy and projects
    • Aligning strategy with projects
    • The strategy and projects framework
  • PMO business case, organization, structure and functions
    • Portfolios, programs and projects
    • Developing a strong PMO business case
    • Organizational structure for projects
    • Types of PMOs
    • Functions of the PMO
  • Maturity and the PMO
    • Defining maturity and capability
    • Steps for increasing maturity level
    • Baseline maturity assessment
    • Project management health check
    • Maturity gap analysis steps
    • Organizational project management maturity model (PMI- OPM3)
  • PMO planning, preparation and strategy
    • Creating the PMO charter
    • Objectives and milestones
    • Using gap analysis to set milestones
    • Implementation strategy phases
    • Measuring success metrics
  • Establishing a project management methodology and PMO governance
    • Defining project methodology
    • Establishing methodology steps
    • Elements of methodology
    • Methodology quality dimensions
    • Defining governance
    • Governance framework
  • Human capital and the PMO
    • Key issues in people management
    • Staffing the PMO
    • Competency identification
    • Performance measurement and rewards
    • Career paths and leadership development
    • Best practices for people management in the PMO
  • Project knowledge management and the PMO
    • Key success factors in knowledge management
    • The knowledge management process
    • Project closeout and capturing lessons learned
    • The knowledge gap in project management
    • PMO as a community of practice
    • Measuring and monitoring project performance

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