Dynamic Business Reports and Dashboards Using Excel


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  • Mastering data reporting: the 20 must learn pivot-tables tools
    • Creating pivot tables
    • Number formatting techniques
    • Designing report layout
    • Sorting in ascending, descending and more sort options
    • Filtering labels and values
    • Expanding and collapsing reports
    • Drill down option
    • Summarize values by sum, average, minimum, maximum, count
    • Show values as % of total and % of
    • Pivot table options
    • Inserting formulas
    • Date analysis
    • Copying pivot tables
    • Creating pivot charts
    • Dynamic chart labeling
    • Mastering the slicer
    • Showing report filter pages
    • Linking pivot tables and pivot graphs with PowerPoint
    • Conditional formatting with pivot tables
    • Designing reports using the Getpivotdata
    • Practice: creating dynamic dashbaords
  • Data Modeling
    • Spinner
    • Option button modeling
    • Check box modeling
    • List box modeling
    • Combo box modeling
  • Charting and visualization techniques
    • Working with sparklines
    • Using fancy fonts
    • Thermometer chart
    • Performance against range chart
    • Using the camera tool

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