Business Continuity and Crisis Management during Pandemic Threats


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Business Continuity and Crisis Management

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  • History of pandemics
    •  What is a pandemic
    •  Historical pandemic overview
    •  Characteristics of a pandemic – it’s not over till it's over!
    •  Understanding the World Health Organization’s pandemic phases
    •  Epidemics, seasonal influenza and pandemics
    •  Why can a pandemic be so dangerous
    •  Pandemics and non-influenza related contagions
    • Comparison with other natural disasters
  • The Health Authority and their contingency plan
    • Business continuity impact
    • Impact on staff
    • National incident response
    • Roles and responsibilities within health services and governments
    •  Vulnerable groups
    • Vaccines and antiviral medicines
    • Key elements of a pandemic response
    • Communications strategies
    • Ethical issues
  • Building a Pandemic Business Continuity Plan
    • Prioritization of critical products, services and processes
    •  Performing a risk assessment
    • Supply chain management
    •  Identify your key employees
    • Impact of partial or total transport system collapse
    • Avoiding employees working in close confinement
    • Home working
    •  Crisis management roles and responsibilities
    • Human Resource procedures for – absenteeism, illness, death etc.
    •  Facilities for managing employees taken ill at work
    • Trauma Management
    • Communications and media plans
  • Testing the Pandemic Business Continuity Plan
    • How to validate your pandemic plan
    • Desktop exercises
    • Running a workshop exercise
    • Performing a live rehearsal of your plan
    • Using random selection to identify infected staff

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