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Safety and Environment

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  • Characteristics of an Effective Safety Culture
    • Does Management Commitment Make a Difference?
    • Top Management Commitment and Employee Involvement
    • Effective Communication
    • Analyzing Incidents and Accidents
    • Defining a Value System
    • Why Do Safety Cultures Fail?
  • Human Barriers to Safety, and Behavior-Based Intervention
    • Behavior-Based Psychology
    • The Complexity of People
    • Sensation, Perception, and Perceived Risk
    • Identifying Critical Behavior
    • Behavioral Safety Analysis
    • Intervening with Activators
    • Intervening with Consequences
    • Intervening as a Behavior-Change Agent
  • Safety Supervision and Leadership
    • Safety Responsibilities
    • Identifying and Correcting Hazards
    • Ensuring Safety Accountability
    • Creating a Culture of Consequences
    • Tough-Caring Leadership
  • Journey to a Safety Culture
    • Pathway to Safety Excellence
    • Developing Goals and Objectives
    • Identifying and Establishing Goals
    • Conducting Self-Assessments ¬†and Benchmarking
    • Change Analysis
  • Actively Caring for Safety
    • Understanding Actively Caring
    • Psychology of Actively Caring
    • Person-Based Approach to Actively Caring
    • Increasing Actively Caring Behaviors
  • Measuring the Safety Culture
    • The Nature of All Safety Systems
    • Assessment Techniques
    • The Deming Cycle
    • What should be Evaluated?
    • Evaluation Tools
    • Developing and Implementing the Action Plan

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