Administration and Office Management: Best Practices and Technologies


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  • New roles for new times
    • The changing organization
    • The role of management in the workplace
    • The main tasks of office managers
    • New roles for new times
      • Optimizing communication and influence
      • Fostering a professional attitude
      • Producing results from various activities
      • Use of technology to get things done
  • Mastering data management, indexing and archiving
    • Mastering filing systems
      • Five secrets to organize files¬†better
      • Electronic archiving
    • Records management
      • The records and information cycle
      • Common problems in records management
      • Rules for indexing personal and business names
      • Cross referencing personal names
  • Creating a motivating and productive office environment
    • Design and productivity
      • Feng Shui office design: the art of working (tips and basic steps)
    • Dealing with and managing diversity
      • Communicating across cultures
    • Six steps to great time management
    • Dealing with difficult bosses
    • Inbox zero: managing emails effectively
  • Advanced communication skills for administrators
    • Business communication
      • Communication defined
      • Types of communication
      • Tips for smart communication
    • Creating powerful short presentations
      • Tips for powerful presentations
      • Key characteristics of dynamic speakers
      • The four step communication process
      • The 'A-U-D-I-E-N-C-E'¬†analysis
      • The anatomy of a good presentation
    • Advanced business writing
      • Managing the expectations of readers
      • Using positive and courteous language
      • Preparing meeting agendas and minutes
  • The executive assistant success tool box
    • Basic modern office etiquette
      • Telephone etiquette
      • Email etiquette
    • Event planning and execution
      • Preparing for meetings and conferences
      • Major event planning elements
      • The event tool box
    • Team and leadership skills
      • Team formation stages
      • Situational leadership

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